Information about the diet plan

You cook as before

Whatever you cook for the family is what you also eat, no need for something different maybe a little more attention at the fat content of your food.

The nutrition that you like and is convenient for you during the day

At the diet history you let us know which are your prefered food, how often you cook them and accordingly we make the diet so it will be easy in practice

The diet plan never dontains any nutritional or medical supplements except food and is based on the latest scientific guidelines.

Weight Loss

Weight loss is easy when you have decided to aim for your goal. Perserverance is rather important.

- At first you choose which programme you prefer either for two weeks or for four weeks, you answer the questionaire which you can download from the choice "Diet via Internet"
- Then you make the payment and the next day you will receive your comprehensive and individualised diet plan
- We make a 2 week diet plan OR 4 week diet plan just as you prefer it analytic day by day (Monday to Sunday)or several choices, considering that you might have dinner in a restaurant, or that you cook for your family etc. We try to adhere to the latest scientific recomendations .
- For any questions you have or changes that you might like you can always contact us. At the end of week of the diet, we talk via email and discuss your progress and we make any changes that you want on your diet.

Your Comprehensive Personalised diet plan

Some suggestions

A natural plan to, our opinion, is the best approach. So you either cook either every day or every other day, whatever is more convenient for you, or you could choose from quick healthy meals from the supermaket such as a ready to eat salad etc. In order to achieve a healthy, steady and long term weight loss, it is good to understand the basic principle of weight loss. In order to lose 1Kg you need to receive 7700 less calories. To achieve that it is good to try and eat regular meals and snacks and receive adequate calories.
Although calories count, the type of food also counts. It is important for your overall health to eat fruits, vegetables and eat a balanced diet according to the food pyramid and ofcourse your needs.
Bare in mind that one small diversion does not ruin a healthy diet plan, so do not loose your courage and carry on after a big meal, trying to stay on track with the rest of the diet. The solution is that iither the same day we try to eat less, or the next day we try to keep all the meals a bit lighter than usual. You can always email us so we can give you some more suggestions.
Another suggestion is that it is better to try and not over-think the diet, weight loss. If you think about the diet very often is like thinking about what to eat/or not to eat to lose weight, in conclusion it is like thinking about food all day. This way even if you could forget about food it will be impossible to get it out of your mind. So try and think other things, read, go for a walk, read a magazine.