Nutritional Follow-up


  • One Internet Diet Plan (for 1 month) via e-mail for pregnancy and nutritional advice - (cost 50 euros)
  • With a general programm, with many suggestions/options for all the meals and snacks of the day
  • With weekly email to check on your progress and for any changes wanted.
  • Nutritional plan for lactation and general advice you can choose a two week programme (35 euros) or a four week programme diet plan (60 euros) either for a healthy nutritional plan during lactation which is the best for the first 1 1/2 month and later you can choose for a slow weight loss (about 0,5Kg per week).


  • During the 1st trimester there is no need for extra energy.
  • During the 2nd trimester there is a need for an extra 340 calories per day.
  • During the 3rd trimester there is a need for extra 452 calories per day.
  • Calorie restriction during pregnancy is not recommended, except if your doctor has suggested so e.g. overweight.
  • There is elevated need for protein, so instead of 46 grams of protein you need at least 71 grams per day.
  • One of the most imprtant nutrients during pregnancy is folic acid. During pregnancy you need 600μg την ημέρα.
  • Concerning calcium there is an need for 1000mg per day.
  • There is also need for more iron during the day, so instead of 18mg per day before pregnancy there is a need of 27mg per day, in order to have a better bioavailability of iron it is suggested that whenever you eat high in iron food or supplement it is better to avoid for 2 hours dairy products, coffee and tea because these make iron absorption very difficult.

Weight Loss and Lactation

During lactation the body burns more calories and therefore the fat cells that got bigger during pregnancy start getting smaller.


Lactation not only helps women lose weight but they also have lower chances of breast cancer.

Breastfeeding is directly related to how often the baby breastfeeds and the volume has to do with how much hydrated is the mother's body. A good breastfeeding frequency is 6-8 times per day.


A diet plan for for weight loss can start after lactation is established and our goal is around 500grams per week so we do not compromise the quality of breast milk.